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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Sales Manager

Then, multiply the total value of each stage by the weight assigned to that stage (your company should have standard weights you can use). One of your responsibilities as a sales manager is to roll up a weekly or monthly forecast to your head of sales. Even though they‘re working towards common goals, they’re still individuals with specific needs, interests, sensitivities, and preferences. You‘re likely fresh off of thriving as an individual contributor, but your new role extends well beyond your personal performance.

What do you need to be a sales manager

If you were direct and to the point with your manager, odds are that you’ll want that out of your reps too. Stepping out of « the funnel » and into the sales management role, I imagined that my days would be easier and less stressful. I wouldn’t have an individual number on my head and I would be responsible for coaching my team. There are a few things I do to make sure I’m forecasting accurately. First, I’m always inspecting our CRM to ensure that my salespeople are logging their activities and updating stages on opportunities.

Questions to Ask a Sales or Marketing Manager

Not all sales leaders will perform perfectly in each of these, especially if you’re are newer to the field. Through our work with successful sales organizations across the nation and globally, we have discovered a set of skills and characteristics that the most effective sales managers all have in common. Payscale reviews from people in sales management positions reveal that in terms of job satisfaction, the sales manager’s role has a 4 out of 5 rating, which scores as « highly satisfied » [1]. Sales manager jobs require a unique blend of people skills, business knowledge, and creativity. They provide an opportunity to make a significant impact on the success of a company.

If you want the recipient to respond positively to the feedback, focus on the problem itself and speak about the benefits overcoming it could bring. It’s a mistake to wait days, weeks, or even months to follow up on an error or improvement opportunity. Wait too long, and everyone will forget what caused the issue; it will feel like your feedback is coming out of nowhere. This step-by-step approach will not only help you avoid unnecessary confrontations but will allow you to focus on the real value of the feedback and develop great follow up questions. Every time you receive feedback, run yourself through the below process to stop any immediate emotional responses that prevent you from extracting the real value of the feedback. Feedback is a necessary component of both your own and your team’s growth.

New to Salesforce?

You might also consider a course that enhances your resume in a specific area. For example, the How to Manage a Remote Team course offered by GitLab can help you demonstrate competencies that’ll set you apart from other remote sales management job candidates. People typically want to achieve their best every day, but the reality is that we all have good and bad days at work. When setting sales targets for your team, ensure you include an element of flexibility. Find the best, most effective sales training program for your sales team. However, most sales manager job descriptions share several common elements.

  • You may also be involved in setting sales targets, developing sales strategies, and managing a team of sales representatives.
  • While anyone can be a leader — and hopefully you have a few on your team — leadership is a mandatory part of the sales management position.
  • Through our work with successful sales organizations across the nation and globally, we have discovered a set of skills and characteristics that the most effective sales managers all have in common.
  • Everything about sales management has to do with making meaningful connections with your team, with your organization and with your customers.
  • To start, you’ll want to set up weekly forecasting meetings with each of your reps to assess their pipelines and offer guidance.
  • You need to be able to communicate not only features and benefits, but also get your team to buy into the company’s vision.

Any sales leader needs excellent communication skills, but even more so if you’re a sales manager. You need to be able to communicate not only features and benefits, but also get your team to buy into the company’s vision. Sales managers need to stay ahead of both trends in the market and changes at work, and must inform and empower their teams with equal ease. Keep in mind that a successful sales manager may need to spend some time developing some of these qualities.

Measure progress on all key metrics.

Defining or profiling your organization’s ideal client is extremely important to ensure focus and consistency. By defining your target, salespeople can have a laser-like direction in pursuing new business and managers know what is good business and bad business. In down economic times, taking on business is important but taking good business is more important. Stay within your profile, the company and your salespeople will find success much more rewarding. Sales managers are the key drivers of success in sales organizations. I would rather have a great sales manger and five mediocre sales reps than a mediocre sales manager and five star sales people.

What do you need to be a sales manager

Here, analyze your income and how your organization spends money. This analysis helps understand where you go wrong in expenditure to avoid straining your resources. You can’t plan for a promotion in the way most people plan their day. You can’t say, “I’m going to be in this position by this date.” It never works like that because there’s too much that’s out of your control. If someone new joins the team — or if there’s a team member who’s struggling to hit their targets — help them out.

Desired soft skills in sales management

Your job isn’t to do everything for your team, but to build the right team that can excel when given useful tools, guidance, and incentives. Nurture and grow your business with customer relationship management software. Wanting to take credit for the victories and avoid blame for the losses is human nature. The performance of your reps is a reflection of your performance as a manager. Second, consider asking your more tenured team members to be peer mentors. I find most people actually like paying mentorship forward since most great reps had a mentor that got them where they are today.

What do you need to be a sales manager

Reporting and analytics software can help you understand key sales data and performance metrics so you can make informed business decisions. Using the right tools, you can improve your planning and sales strategy with accurate forecasts and identify areas where you can increase conversions. When you secure a sales manager role, these five responsibilities are typically included in your job expectations.

Regional sales manager

Organizations often prefer to hire and promote sales managers that have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing. However, even with a degree or certification, an aspiring sales manager will need to have at least some hands-on sales experience. In addition, given the tight talent market, multigenerational sales teams, and the higher turnover in the profession, experience in talent management and retention may be key for success in this role. A head of sales reports directly to the CEO and keeps the company on track for internal growth projections. As a sales manager, you should provide team members with the tools and resources they need to thrive in their roles.

You’re expected to create a detailed sales rep job description that attracts top talent. If you work for an enterprise-level business, you may have recruiters to help comb the landscape for agents who show the potential to be a good fit. You’re also responsible for conducting interviews to find candidates with the right skills for the job. To become a sales manager, you typically need several years of experience in sales and strong leadership and management skills. Various courses and certifications can also help you develop the skills to help you succeed in sales management.