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Discover the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar


The fauna and flora of Madagascar are outstanding riches. They are considered by every scientist as being a nature sanctuary as well as the cradle of endemic species of the island. You will discover unique species in the world with nearly 7 types of baobabs, 19 000 plant species, and more than 100 000 different types of species of fauna. This exceptional originality is specifically due to its isolated location in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This colorful journey awaits you.

The lemur, an emblematic species of Madagascar

Lemurs are a monkey species endemic to Madagascar. You can only find the five families of this atypical monkey on the “Great Island.” They can be found in National Parks, natural reserves; or in their simplest habitat, the rainforest....

An unforgettable meeting with the whales of Madagascar

Every year from June to September, the humpback whales migrate off the northeast coasts of Madagascar to mate and give birth. You will be able to go on board in small groups to observe these impressive marine mammals arriving by hundreds.

Madagascar : diving with turtles and rays

Madagascar is located on the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia, and evokes feelings of discovery and adventure because of its rich and endemic biodiversity. There are many spots that are perfect for your next trip. The main ones are those in...

Observation of stingrays and mobulas

Those creatures with enigmatic looks offeer an impressive show. During their groupings, the rays make a surprising ballet when they throw themselves out of the water and beat their fins like birds. Manta rays and mobulas are fascinating species...