espadon pêche sportive madagascar

Sport fishing in Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the most popular fishing spots. You can enjoy the numerous fishing spots located mostly in the northwest of the island. You can go on a sport fishing excursion and harpoon your best catch.

Fishing activity

Fishing in Madagascar : a unique experience

Madagascar is one of the world’s leading sport fishing destinations. The big island has one of the most fish waters of the planet, where you can fish for species such as the yellowfin tuna, bonito, barracuda, black marlin, sea bream, or swordfish. There are three large areas in the north west of the island where you can practice big-game fishing.

pêche sportive espadon madagascar

Whether as a beginner or an amateur, you can go on an excursion for an afternoon, or you can organize a fishing trip to Madagascar to discover the underwater wonders that live in these waters.

You can be accompanied by professionals, villagers, or even on your own. Both beginners and amateurs will be pleased, with the pleasures of fishing in Madagascar.

Other than fishing, you can also sunbathe on white sand beaches, or dive into the crystal clear waters.


pêche sportive mitsio madagascar

The Mitsio archipelago : top fishing spot

After a 2 hour boat ride, you will arrive in the big game fishing area of Madagascar called the Mitsio Archipelago. There will be a multitude of spots where you will for sure catch beautiful fish.

Fishing in the Radama archipelago

The Radama Archipelago is a true fishing paradise in Madagascar, located on the edge of the Mozambique canal. It is about three hours south of Nosy Be. It is out of reach of any industrial fishing spots, and you will be able to discover exceptional spots for your fishing trip.

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