The Mitsio volcanic achipelago

After crossing a sometimes tempestuous sea, here you are arrived in the so quiet and peaceful archipelago of Mitsio. Real haven of peace and beauty, you will be surprised by the grouping of uninhabited virgin Islands where dream beaches and turquoise blue sea offer a grandiose show.

The Mitsio

A grouping of virgin islands

The Mitsio archipelago is located 45 miles northwest of Nosy Be and regroups many islets formed by rocks which skim the sea.
These islets form an amazing archipelago, with Tsarabanjina in particular, the “Four brothers”, Nosy Tolholo and finally the most important, the great Mitsio. There are in this magnificient bay many beaches that provide amazing landscapes. The frame is even more exceptionnal when you see its luxuriant tropical vegetation and its vines, orchids and baobabs.

The Great Mitsio

This is the archipelago’s main island. It is 12 km long and 3 km widen 206 m high and it isn’t far from the coasts. You will find there many fishing villages but also many peaceful paradisiac beaches. You will be delighted by the peaceful atmosphere, its warm white sand and the transparent water. If you feel like so, you will be able to discover the island’s south where you can witness a peculiar geological phenomenon. There are indeed basalt columns that emerge from the earth’s and the sea’s bowels and take the shape of long stalks of brown rocks dozens of meters high. An extraordinary excursion in a magical atmosphere awaits !

The Four Brothers

West of Tsarabanjina, a succession of rocks arise, that are called the four brothers. Not much vegetation grows on the rock however, it is an ideal shelter for thousands of birds, which makes it an incredible playground for nature lovers. Rock walls can go down to 20m under the surface, which gives fishermen and tourists the opportunity to access caves.


This is the first island you encounter when you come from the South. Tsarabanjina, which means “the white sand island” in Malagasy, is surrounded by an amazing coral reef where you can see a great variety of plants and animals. You will be amazed by the light that reflects on the sea surface due to the pristine white sand and colored corals in the bottom of the sea.

Nosy Tolholo

In between Tsarabanjina and the Great Mitsio is Nosy Tolholo. It is composed by rocks surrounded by white sand where experienced divers will discover this fish realm. Some groupers even exceed 100kg and are easily approachable.

Did you know ?

The Mitsio extend North on islets and rocks where no man has ever set foot ! You will maybe the first explorer…

Where is the Mitsio archipelago ?