Nosy Faly, the holy island

The island is considered as such because the Sakalava’s ancestors (a Malagasy tribe) are buried there. Local people will lead you to discover the island’s beauty, as well as their habits and customs.


A preserved island

Considered as a holy place due to Malagasy beliefs, a great respect is shown to the island’s ecosystem. Therefore, the island is preserved as best as possible by the local people, but also by establishments who are mainly ecolodges.

An outstanding view

After a quick walk, climb on top of the island’s abandoned lighthouse to enjoy an amazing 360° view over the island and its surrounding islands. To get the best out of this experience, favour sunrises and sunsets.


Many activities

The island focuses its activity around ecotourism and propose various activities around the theme of nature. You will thus have the opportunity to discover the island on a bike, go fishing alongside local people or even go whale watching from August to October. The luckiest ones will have the chance to swim alongside dolphins !

Where is Nosy Faly?