From October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Whale week-end

Marine megafauna : Nosy Be's archipelago is a well-known place to observe the marine megafauna : humpback whales, Omura whales, shark-whales, dolphins, stingrays as well as diverse species of sea turtles. These animals find there the best living conditions. They feed themselves and breed in an idyllic environment. From July to October, Nosy Be welcomes every year hundeds of humpback whales which enjoy the sea's wealth to breed and litter the new generations. The Omura whale is considered as a gift for the perfumed island because you can see it roam around Nosy Be all year round. There is also an other mythical animal that represents the region's spectacular marine biodiversity : the shark-whale. It is the world's biggest fish, which length can go up to 15-18m. It can be seen between October and December.

Nosy Be