From June 30, 2017 to July 10, 2017


Program 1st day : - Opening of the « Mahabo » door - Receiving guests from Ampasimena (Tanibe) and the King in Mahabo 2nd day : - Dahira (muslim dance) 3rd day : - Wake (with the local people and the « tromba ») 4th day : - Hoeing, weeding, cleaning the inside of Mahabo 5th day : - Manompo anaty Mahabo (Technical maintenance, repair and retouch of the graves’ paint) 6th day : - Wake with the local people 7th day - Manompo ivelan’ny Zomba (grave) (maintenance, repair and retouch of the door and the sacred fences) - Rebiky (royal dance) followed by a Sakalava song - Closing of the Mahabo door

Mahabo Manongarivo
Nosy Be