Nosy Tanikely marine park

Nosy Tanikely and its marine park awaits you ! The site is known world-wide for its exceptional biodiversity, find yourself enchanted by the place’s beauty. Dive into a translucent water where all kind of fishes swim among corals. It is a trip to enjoy in family and introduce yourselves to the joys of diving.

Nosy Tanikely

A protected area

Nosy Antanihely, “the island of the small earth” or Nosy Tanikely acquired several years ago the status of Marine and Coastal Protected Area . The park’s management is entrusted to the “Tanihely National Park” association composed of three institutional entities among which Madagascar National Park. Despite its small size, Nosy Tanikely is recognized for its remarkable marine and land biodiversity. Scientific studies certify that the site is one of Madagascar’s most important in terms of marine characteristics, the park is thus visited by many holidaymaker every year. In the agenda : sunbathing, diving/snorkeling, picnics and walks toward the island’s peak.

An incredible marine park

The reserve has an exceptional marine wealth. Nosy Tanikely has a spectacular coral reef which truly is an aquarium full of life. You will see many colored fishes and many species such as : sea turtles, rays, dolphins and even small harmless sharks. The island officially became a natural park in 2010 and its reserve extends over a 700 m raidus around its lighthouse, which gives boundaries for the allowed diving zone.

Good to know

Since Nosy Tanikely has become a marine park, fishing is completely prohibited as well as diving by night.
There is an entrance fee (20 0000 Ar/pers) to access the lagoon, which includes entrance, the lighthouse and museum tours as well as provision of scuba masks.

The lagoon’s water are so calm and transparent that you will clearly see the marine fauna and flora without the need of a diving mask. The place will be perfect to introduce yourself to scuba diving.

Lighthouse Visit

Distance : 200 m Circuit
: 30 minuts visit
Tourist attractions :

  • Museum and interpretation center
  • 360° panoramic view from the lighthouse’s top which was built in 1908
  • A must-see site to see lemurs
  • Diving spots

Difficulty level : Easy

Where is Nosy Tanikely?