Nosy Sakatia, the orchids island

The island is located on the west coast of Nosy Be and is inside a preserved ecosystem, protected and classified due to the marvels it encloses. Picture post card beaches, rare birds and an endemic flora are at the rendezvous and the local people will proudly give you a tour of their island.

Exploring in the morning

Spend an unforgettable day on the island

Alongside a local guide, discover the fauna and flora of the most authentic island of Nosy be’s surrounding islands. Go on a hike to all corners of the island to roam in fishing villages, or fields of coffee, vanilla and orchids, which made the island famous, or try to tame a lemur in the forest.
All tour long, the guide will tell you about the island’s rites and customs to uncover all of its secrets.

Have lunch with your feet in the water

After a well filled morning, the local people will give you a taste of the island’s delights, freshly picked and cooked on the shore. You will taste various seafood, exotic fruits and local dishes while enjoying an amazing view!

Activities and relaxation in the afternoon

Spend an unforgettable day on the island

After lunch, there is plenty of activities for you to choose : beachvolley, snorkelling, scuba diving or kayak ride for sports people; tanning, massage and nap for those looking to relax. The island has many white sand beaches and some can even be privatized for those looking for peace.

Hike to the island's top

Distance : 1 km Circuit
Length : 30 minuts visit
Tourist attractions :
– An amazing landscape on all of the Sakatia island
– Visit of the island’s people’s traditional activities
– A diving site.
– Discovery of the forest trails
– The beach

Difficulty level : Easy

Where is Nosy Sakatia?

The island is located west of Nosy Be and is reachable by a 10 mn boat ride. To make sure you experience everything, reach the island early in the morning, the local people will always be available to welcome you.