Marodoka cultural circuit

A walk in the heart of the vllage of Marodoka will help you learn more about the culture and Kiswahili traditions as well as the Indian influences from the XVth century.You will find there vestiges from the Sakalava people and Nosy Be’s history.

Historical village

Marodoka, Nosy Be’s first village

Marodoka is a former Kiswahili village which is located a few kilometers from Nosy Be’s centre. Through centuries, the village has welcomed people from very different horizons : merchants from India and arab people who got attracted by the place’s culture and historic wealth. in the program, discovery of an ylang-ylang distillery and visit of the village of Marodoka. Not far from there is Lokobe’s natural reserve which is available to visit. This circuit allows to dive into the Sakalava culture and discover Nosy Be’s treasures and ancestral traditions.

Did you know ?

The circuit invits you to disccover and take part in Nosy Be’s traditional dances (there are five of them) and also offers you to taste the djowa, a traditional dish made of local products and medicinal plants.

A bit of history

Sakalava were the first inhabitants of Ambanoro (today called Marodoka). The village was established by the first arab and indian migrants in the XVth century who were traders for gold, spices, turtle shells, but also slaves. You can discover there colonial architecture with indian influences and a Mosque. The village is today in ruin but still keeps traces of former houses which help understand Nosy Be’s traditions and actual culture.

MARODOKA cultural heritages discovery circuits

Ghosts house

Distance : 100 m foot guidance circuit
Length : 30 min visit
Tourist attractions : Karim Djikak’s home, who was Marodoka’s richest Indian. He lived with ghosts who had the task to ensure his protection.
Difficulty level : Easy

Nosy Be’s first port

Distance : 200 m foot guidance circuit
Durée : 10 min de visite
Tourist attractions : It was Nosy Be’s first port, it was built with coral reefs. It was also a place where slaves from Africa were traded.
Difficulty level : Easy

Indian hut

Distance : 50 m circuit foot guidance circuit
Length : 20 min visit
Tourist attractions : One of the former house built by indian traders from the XVth century. Their doors, windows and balconies are carved.
Difficulty level : Easy

Madagascar’s first Mosque

Distance : Foot guidance circuit
Length : 10 min visit
Tourist attractions : The first mosque built in Madagascar, around 1700. It is surrounded by its builders’ graves.
Difficulty level : Easy

Indian Cemetery

Distance : 100m Foot guidance circuit
 Length : 20 min visit
Tourist attractions : Those are the cemeteries of Indian people who lived in Marodoka. They existed since 1850, a date marked  on one of these graves. They confirme the existence of Indians in Marodoka.
Difficulty level : Easy

Cacao circuit

Walk in the cacao alleys

Distance : Circuit 4 km
Length : 2 to 3 hours visit
 Tourist attractions :

  • Walk inside the cacao farm
  • Observation of many typical plants used for drugs
  • Panoramic view
  • Meeting the villagers

Difficulty level : Average

Where is Marodoka?