Nosy Hara, an idyllic marine park

Nosy Hara is a little-known paradisiac island which lenght extends over 2 to 3 km. It displays a very rich fauna and flora and reminds of a huge aquarium holding more than 400 marine species. This island can be reached by road and sea, and it will surely delight all sea lovers…

Nosy Hara

A full island

Nosy Hara is located North West of Madagascar, it’s a little-known piece of paradise. Nevertheless, the place holds one of the most extraordinary seascapes of the world, which gave it the status of marine national park since 2012. The island’s shape is elongated and Nosy Hara extends over a 312 ha surface. It’s especially constituted by marine Tsingy which are characteristic of Madagascar, and white sandy beaches. It’s an idyllic place, cut off from the World.

Nosy Hara’s archipelagos

Sites to visit !

You can visit Nosy Hara’s archipelagos (15 islands) all year round as well as the whole North of Madagascar. The island is little-known because it acquired the marine park status in 2012, which allowed the ecosystem to remain intact. Indeed, the Park has one of the most beautiful seascape where you’ll be able to see dolphins and Tsingy in a deep blue water.
It is a pond with a surface of 125 471 ha where marine species breed, lay out eggs and take care of their offspring.

What to do in Nosy Hara?

Nosy Hara is an island with plentiful nautical and terrestrial activities you will enjoy. You will be able to go rock climbing as well as diving for example. Divers will indeed enjoy a rich marine life, the Park indeed counts 279 coral fishes species. As for extreme sports lovers, Nosy Hara’s high cliffs offer a perfect playground. Those seeking more calm activities will maybe have the chance to witness the birth of sea turtles on the island’s borders.

A few key figures

To give evidence of the exceptional biodiversity of Nosy Hara, you will be able to discover :
– 279 coral fishes species
– 3 sea sponges species and 108 corals species
– amongst the 7 sea turtle species found in the region, 5 can be found in Nosy Hara
– dugongs, migrating whales and dolphins
Those archipelagos are located West to Diego Suarez in the Mozambique can and are managed by Madagascar National Parks (MNP).

Did you know ?

The Brookesia Micra

This is a chameleon measuring 10 mm as a child and reaches 30 mm when fully grown-up. He lives on the forest’s ground during daylight and climbs up on low branches to sleep at nightfall. It is the smallest known chameleon species in the world !

Where is Nosy Hara?