The beaches of Madirokely and Ambatoloaka

Those two beaches are neighbours and are the rendezvous point for tourists looking for entertainment! Restaurants, hotels, bungalows, rentals and diving clubs will provide you with any sorts of activities.

Prized destination of the island

Ambatoloaka, starting point for boat cruises

Numerous establishments took up residence by Ambatoloaka’s shore and offer tourists the opportunity to learn more about the local people’s everyday life and gastronomy.
The beach is also known for its nautical activities, boat cruises starting indeed on its shore. Among other activities, you will have the opportunity to go on a deep sea diving trip with one of the many providers there.

Prized destination of the island

Madirokely, the weekend’s animatio

Located north of Ambatoloaka’s beach, Madirokely is a peaceful beach during the week during which farniente is the key word. When the weekend comes, the beach fills itself with colors and offers an atmosphere animated by the local music and people who come to dance from sunset until sunrise.
The beach is well-known for its animation, but it will also be the favorite beach of those who seek an accomodation at an affordable price..

Why not try a boat cruise ?

From the bay, providers will take you on a cruise all around Nosy Be to discover the neighbouring islands as beautiful as one another. A round trip or a days-lasting trip, everything is possible for attractive prices that will convince more than one !

Where are Madirokely and Ambatoloaka?