Lokobe, a preserved primitive forest

The Lokobe natural reserve is the last primitive forest of Nosy Be’s region. Visit this incredible reserve with friends or family and discover its outstanding fauna and flora.

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An incredible natural site

Lokobe is Nosy Be’s last protected primitive forest. It shelters many species of endemic medicinal plants, thousand-year-old tress, that delight the region’s scientists. Guide yourself inside the lands, where you will find a preserved universe in which lemurs (Macaco and Lépilémur), reptiles, chameleons, insects and tropical birds live. The reserve’s 740 hectares regroup the vast majority of Nosy Be’s endemic vegetation. You can also stop by Ampasipohy’s small hamlet where some bungalows and other accomodation sites are made available to visitors. However, we strongly advise you to be accompanied by a guide.

What species can you see ?

Lokobe is a zoological and botanical park which counts several species of flowers and rare plants. It is also a reamarkable natural reserve. You can see nocturnal and diurnal lemurs which are found especially near Ambanoro, Ambalafary and Ampasindava. We also count about 17 species of endemic birds such as the owl of Madagascar or the Malagasy kingfisher. Besides a faunistic and floristic diversity, it is a real heaven on Earth which promises an unforgettable journey where you will witness amazing landscapes.

The proposed circuits

This reserve welcomes new organised circuits provided by the Madagascar National Park association. You will be amazed by the beauty of this primitive forest, which is still preserved from mass tourism. The park offers an incredible ground and marine circuit as well. Some heights of Nosy Be’s coast offer exceptional panoramic view over Lokobe (from Dzamandzar, Antanety or Nosy Faly).

Circuit Kindro circuit

Distance : 2,25km foot guidance circuit
Length : 3h visit
Tourist attractions :

  • Park’s fauna and flora wealth : Palm trees, canarium, medicinal plants, birds, lemurs, chameleons…

  • As well as lizards, snakes and frogs

Difficulty level : Average

Mitsinjo circuit

Distance : 1 km foot guidance circuit
Length : 2h visit
Tourist attractions :

  • Park’s fauna and flora wealth : canarium, medicinal plants, pandanus, birds,lemurs, chameleons, lizards, frogs, coral fishes, coral reefs,…

  • As well as a beautiful vantage point

Difficulty level : Hard

Ramy circuit

Distance : 2,25 km foot guidance circuit
Length : 3h visit
Tourist attractions :

  • Park’s fauna and flora wealth : canarium, medicinal plants, pandanus, birds, lemurs, chameleons, lizards, frogs, coral fishes, coral reefs,…

  • Along with beaches and the sea

Difficulty level : Easy

Where is the Lokobe natural reserve?