Ambondrona, a charming beach

Ambondrona’s beach is often underestimated by tourist but it is nevertheless one of the most peaceful and ideal to rent bungalows. The beach is located on the west side of the island, where you will enjoy a sea breeze coming from the open sea.

A discret beach

Ambondrona’s beach is indeed little-known, which delight those tourists seeking for peace of mind. The sea that reach Ambondrone is more stormy than nearby beaches which discourages some. This one is nonetheless really pleasant, you will still be able to enjoy a quasi deserted beach.

Atypical accomodations

The beach hasn’t attracted big eshtablisments, you will therefore find there charming accomodations such as villas or bungalows to rent. These will be perfect for tourists travelling in family or as a couple seeking to avoid the tumult of hotels.

Where is the Ambondrona beach and what can you do there ?

Située sur la côte nord-ouest de l’île de Nosy Be, la plage d’Ambondrona respire l’air marin en provenance des hautes mers. Au programme, détente, bronzage, massage au bord de la mer et pour les plus actifs : snorkeling, initiation au windsurf, au kayak ou encore beachvolley ou foot de plage.