Ambilobe, city of the Antakarana’s culture

Ambilobe is located at the heart of the Mahavavy valley and remains the ideal starting point to discover the Antakarana’s culture multiple facets. You will live at the rate of the local Malagasy culture and be able to visit the numerous plantations of sugar canes throughout the region. Make a stop at Ambilobe!


The city of rum and sugar cane

Ambilobe is located between Diego Suarez and Nosy Be, and has developed thanks to the production of sugar cane. Ambilobe means “where we find many plantations”. Agriculture is indeed the main activity and the city has one of the region’s most important marketplace. You will delight in its rum’ refineries and its shaded terraces where you will meet welcoming people. The city is vibrant during the day, allowing you to discover the Malagasy culture in the day-to-day life. A tour off the beaten track awaits, full of authenticity.

Ambilobe discovery tour

The Ambilobe discovery circuit lasts one day (7 stages) or half a day (3 stages) for you to discover the Antakarana’s handicraft and culture. This dynamic and authentic city will reval its charms during your various encounters in surprising places : the Royal Palace, the Dadilahy waterfall, the Sengaloka potters or also the Manongarivo embroiders…
Enjoy a fascinating experience along with the Antakarana people in the lively city of Ambilobe!
Tickets are available with the GOTDA office located in the green Place Garden (within the Ambilobe’s district Office).

Did you know?

Notice to all gourmets ! You can find in Ambilobe a lot of cacao trees plantations. Madagascar, along with Guatemala, produces in fact the world’s best chocolate.

The adventurer’s practical guide

• Location : On the 6th national road, between Diego-Suarez (138 km) and Ambanja (108 km)
Main attractions :
– The sacred waterfall and its points of view, located 4 km from the city
– Sugar canes plantations, located 30 km south of Ambilobe
– Participation to the Antakarana royalty traditionnal ceremonies (fisehagna, tsangatsaina…)
Activities opportunity :pottery/embroidery workshops, hiking, snorkelling, …

Practical tips:
All year round, bring :
• sunscreen and cap
• mosquito repellent
• trash bags
• hiking shoes or sneakers
• total sunscreen is recommended for bathing.

Explore the Ankarana's massif

The Anakarana massif is not far from Ambilobe. It’s a sacred place for the Antakarana tribe, where you will find a large natural reserve with many endemic species such as bats, lemurs, birds or even scorpions. Make sur you bring good walking shoes! Along with the well known tsingy, it’s an amazing tour thats awaits for you.

Where is Ambilobe?